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Web designer
and digital marketer
My aim is to get the right web service for you, be it a brochure website to raise your profile, an e-commerce platform for selling online or digital marketing to get yourself in front of the right customers.
No lock in contracts. No hidden charges. Everything up front and made simple.
My approach
User Centric Design

User Centric Development

Your website is your website. It will be how you want it be and I am the technical guy who makes it that way. Forget the jargon, forget the flouncy and criptic language. I keep it simple with my clients.

Personal Service

There's no call center in India. There's no sales guy talking you into something you don't need. There's no corporate structure to hide behind when you need something fixed. You have one point of contact for the entire process. Simples.
Computer code
what I do

Unique web design solutions

Wavelength Web Design is an interactive agency offering innovative web design solutions which move the boundaries. Our sophisticated approach to the development of digital experiences exceeds all expectations.
Web Development

Web Development

Websites of all shapes & sizes. Whether you're starting out or established, applying for a grant like the Trading Online Voucher or BTWEA, we've done it before and will be happy to help you do the same.
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Website Hosting

Web Hosting & Management

I can offer you hosting packages, domain name registration, transfers and management of your site throughout the year. Just talk to me about what you need doing, and I'll get to doing it!
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E-Commerce Solutions

Wordpress, Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix... the list goes on but in reality, you only want to sell products and get the money rolling, the easiest way possible. Leave it to me to pick the right solution for your unique needs.
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Are you ready to improve your online business presence today?
our process

Creative Process

The entire process starts with a clear goal, goes through multiple iterations, twists and turns to produce a product that will speak for itself. And all of this powered by the finest coffee beans.
Project Management

Project Definition

Who needs what?! And sometimes just as importantly, what you DON'T need. I have zero interest in pushing something onto you that you won't use or require just to create more work. The word around here is: simplify.

Wireframes and Site Architecture

This stage is assembling the pages you'll want on the site as well as what goes where on each page. Call's to action, basic flow through the site, pertinent information delivered effectively and pleasing aesthetics are key here.
Site Architecture
Visual Design

Visual Design

Colour schemes, logo's, images, some flair and fun can be important to a site. But if you're a black & white photographer, you want the work to speak for itself so keeping colour muted or minimal. Regardless of your objectives, I'll make sure they're met.

Site Development

Filling in the blanks, adding content, copywriting, SEO both onsite and offsite, as well as a load of magic tricks get applied to have your site running smoothly. Lets not forget responsive design either to make sure the site looks great no matter what device is used.
Site Development
Site Testing

Site Testing

The testing across multiple devices, the testing of links, pages, loading speed, sitemaps and all that other boring stuff is done to a T so you never even need to know about it!


Welcome to the internet!
Job Done

Site Maintenance

We've created a monster and now we just need to keep the machine well oiled!
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